citiez – Patternz

Director/DP: Charles Coleman
follow him on IG: @coletypical

Shot on:
RED scarlet
sigma 50-100mm 1.8 Art

Lyrics for the Curious:

track seven
I’m the king of fuck it mountain
had to change my name
a couple times
but who’s really counting
It’s the
So-Cal hooligan
foolin’ them again
time to face it
I’m hot
no cooling me
I’m cruising here
grueling isn’t really
what it used to be
I’m overruling
every single un-groomed rapper
y’all need schooling
in the realest sense
not even using words now?
it’s confusing
got me puking
while you’re nuking
every single form of conversation
I’m about to start shooting
just goofing
I don’t really like to complain
So I’m doing something bout it
still fuming
but I’m grooving now

add a letter to my name and
change the whole pronunciation
am I dressed for the occasion?
I was noticing your pattern
it could use some variation
Mos Def said
we’re all hip hop
so what does it mean
when you look at me
and say I’m not?
Lil Wayne said
Go in there with clips
Fucking load up
But then again
Supa Hot said
Bling bam kaplow

(I can see how
That can create
Mixed messages)

rappers ain’t self aware
no mirrors
When it’s time
To reflect
On the meaning
In your lyrics
Songs will haunt
Your dreams
crawling on the ceiling
Catch a picture
Of yourself
And your skin
Starts peeling
The horror
The horror
The horror
When the mirror
Has a second personality
That’s two more than you all
Roald Dahl lifestyle
Living like a dirty beast
East meets west
Like a royal
Wearing satin sheets
The game needs me
Like a farmer
Need to feed
The flock
snoop needs weed
But the hand
Don’t always need the clock
Tick don’t always
Need to tok
How much
Did you make
For that baby talk

Aw damn
Aw damn
now you got me
Sounding like my daddy
Like I’m influenced
Like when I was twelve
And they called me
Similar to
Track number 2
So dissimilar
To you
Like I got
something to prove
Case closed
You’re retired
It would
behoove you
To find
Something new to do
I have improved
Your profession
I will take Questions
at the next session
Before you transgress
Wonder what I’ll do
With my
Damn hands next
Craft rap
So impressive
Like a cut above
The daft blast
Of asshats
I surpass
Your draft
I smash past
With the
Vast stash
Of mad libs
I’ve amassed
I’ll have
The last damn laugh

(what? that’s just how I laugh!)

rappers can’t best this
multi-dexterous horologist
Making time
like it’s going outta style
haven’t heard it
from a nerd
in a while
Do my thing on it
She took a knee
Like she wanna
put a ring on it
that’s TMI
6 to 9
Like she can’t tell time
Fuck you on the wall
Like catcher in the rye
(read a book!)

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